8 Mistakes Men Always Make With Their Online Dating Profile Photo That Scare Off Older Women

1. Having only one photo


This is one of the biggest online dating profile mistakes, but with older women it’s even more so. First of all, one photo isn’t enough information for her to base an idea of you on. With one photo and one angle you can easily create a false impression and older women know this. But for your average cougar, there’s another serious concern with the one photo profile – the scam artist.


2. Looking mean or too serious


You don’t need to be grinning from ear to ear in every photo but at least one shot – preferably your main photo – should be a nice, natural smile with slightly creased eyes. Why the creased-eye look? Older women like to keep it real and those little wrinkles around your eyes are a tell-tale sign the smile is genuine.


3. The over-posed selfie


Articles telling women to avoid guys who take selfies are everywhere and for good reason. You know the photos we’re talking about – the mirror shot, with a stretched out neck that makes you look instantly thinner, or the two-handed selfie which makes your shoulders pop. Instead, get some professional headshots done, or put your photo on timer and go for a relaxed, smiling and arms crossed pose.

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4. The hand signs


Mature men know what to do with their hands and are comfortable in their own bodies. Immature men feel the need to make a statement. But for your potential date, this is a red flag. She’ll be wondering how you’re going to behave in person if you can’t control yourself long enough to take a photo.


5. Working up a sweat at the gym


You’re at the gym, listening to your favorite tracks, pumped up and looking good, so now must be the perfect time to take a photo, right? Wrong. First of all, this falls into the category of ‘selfie.’ Secondly, out of context, sweaty, shirtless gym photos are foul. She wants to see the guy she’s going to date, so unless you plan on taking her to the gym on Friday night, this doesn’t work.


6. Always head on


If you imagine your main photo shows a head a shoulder shot of you, the next photo in the line could be taken from the side. In this photo, you’re still looking at the camera but turning slightly as if someone has said your name.


7. Webcam image


A webcam image is usually worse than no image at all. At least with no image, she’s forced to read your heading before she clicks away. But a webcam image will have her clicking out at high speed. What’s more, even if you update your text, she’ll remember that terrible photo and not revisit.


8. Obstructed view and filters


The rise of stickers and Whatsapp filters on photos is something many older women fail to appreciate. It’s not because they’re not hip enough to get the apps, rather the opposite. They’ve seen these trends come and go before and someone still using them four years after they came out, may come off as immature.



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