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Advice For Women In A New Relationship

When a woman begins a new relationship, her joy knows no bounds. Her mind brims with myriad thoughts such as ‘she has found a guy she clicks with’, ‘she will enjoy spending time with him’, and ‘he really likes her.’ It is here that negativity holds her back. She is worried that she might scare the new guy and ruin the relationship before it begins. On one hand, she thinks that the guy is crazy about her, and he is just meant for her. The next moment she remembers how she has committed blunders in her past relationships, and she might repeat them in this new relationship. Due to such blend of thoughts, she cannot enjoy being in a new relationship.


Advice for women about a self-appraisal

A very crucial advice is to have a self-appraisal and write down your thoughts and observations on paper. Some points to ponder about are the following:

  • How does the relationship make you feel?
  • Are you being your true self?
  • Does your partner encourage you to be your true self?
  • Does your partner behave genuinely?
  • In which direction is your new relationship moving?

Because you have written all this, it helps to delete the thoughts from your brain. Now, you can conclude if it is worthwhile to continue this relationship.

how to build healthy relationships

To do an efficient self-appraisal, the woman should do some additional conversation (although not on the first date, but sooner the better). She should list down the deal-breakers such as the following:

  • She wants to have children.
  • She wants to get married.
  • She is a virgin.
  • She is not on good terms with her family.

She should speak about these deal-breakers with her new relation to be fair to him and also avoid wasting either’s time.

how to keep a healthy relationship

Another advice for an efficient self-appraisal is to display your real self to the new partner. Most women are tempted to show a better picture to impress the partner. This undermines the possibility of a long-term relationship. She should browse the online dating profiles of her partner.

Discounting all the information in this self-appraisal may result in you falling in the trap along with your new partner. An observation is that love makes a person blind. The person assumes that love will supersede all other issues, and hence, there is no need to address controversial issues. This is absolutely impractical.

Communication advice for women

You need to remember the saying: honesty is the best policy. Do not make a ‘false start.’ Rather than attempting to prove that you are a perfect match, try to be your natural self. The saying ‘The first impression is the last impression.’ does not apply here. In a bid to make a first impression, women accept dishonesty.  In course of communication, the partner finds out that the woman is a liar. So, the disagreement that the woman avoided earlier on presents itself in a different form later. One should realize that if a new relationship terminates because we are transparent about it, the best thing has occurred. One is free to start another relationship afresh.

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With the preceding in mind, if a woman wants a long-term relationship, she should candidly voice it out to the partner. Obviously, a woman can take her time to conclude that she wants so. Again, she should not be anxious about scaring the partner off. She should be firm in mind that she is a good catch, and she wants a person who acknowledges her value, is thrilled to be with her, and is the only one who fulfills her demands.

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An important aspect of communication is to be a good listener. During the initial dates, focus on listening to your partner so that you know more about him. Use this knowledge to decide if both are compatible with each other. Once you finalize to continue the relationship with him, you can find ample time for romance and sex.

Forget the past

Men do not like to mingle with women who have their past relationships in mind. In case a woman is emotionally involved in the past, it is not objective to the new man in her life. She should break free from past events and start clean and afresh. Women who had a bad breakup should reserve some time to address feelings of disappointment, guilt, hurt, and anger and cast away these while keeping in mind the lessons learned. If women adhere to this advice, they will not compare their present partner with their past partners and thereby avoid hurting the present partner.

Leverage friendships

A new relationship is influenced by the way a woman leverages friendships. She should continue mixing with her own friends and also her partner’s friends. In this manner, she can understand what sort of individuals her partner has as friends. Her partner’s friends can tell her useful information about her partner. Nevertheless, her friends can give feedback about her partner. In this activity, the bonus is that mingling with friends is absolute fun!

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The final new relationship advice is to ensure a great time. A woman should enjoy the initial dates and not worry about what happens next. Thinking about what will happen next amounts to not enjoying what is right in front of you.


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