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Relationship Advice For Women

You want him to pick you up after office and send you home. It is a rule that he eats dinner at your home then leaves after two hours of talking or watching TV. You do not want him to go home earlier or an argument will start. During weekends, either you are both at home or in the mall. This is your definition of boyfriend-girlfriend thing. After several months (three the most), you wondered why he left you.

Again, suffocation is the primary cause. You forget that he has a life. He also has friends that he misses. He also has family to care for. There are times that he may want to be with them. There are occasions that he has to be with them.

Relationship advice for women like you: Accept that he has a life of his own. You cannot tell your man to work like your pet. Give him the freedom to enjoy life with you.Do you nag him every time?

He arrives in your date late. You shout and talk endlessly. He did not show up in your mother’s birthday party because he has to attend to an emergency at home. Again, you nag him. You are like this every time he makes a mistake. There are times that he cannot help but fight with you. One day after crying out loud, he turned his back on you and never returned

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