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Advice For New Couples To Ensure A Good Relationship

Have you begun dating someone in the recent past? Is your relationship heating up and gradually taking up a serious color? Have you begun to ponder more on the potential problems that might prop up? These are typical new relationship issues when couples approach Couples Counseling Centers. The following advice can certainly help new couples to avoid exacerbation of their relationship. 

Advice about maintenance of other relations


When couples embark on a new relationship, it follows that they have to accommodate their in-laws, even if the in-laws are dominating. In some cases, couples find it cumbersome to handle in-laws and finalize to break ties with them. This appears to be a good short-term remedy, which can turn out to be a long-term loss. If after severing relations with in-laws, either partner becomes resentful at instances, this can lead to a ‘blame game’ and worse, a potential break-up. To prevent this long-term loss, the new couple should work on creating healthy boundaries for interaction and communication with in-laws.

love and relationships

A rather analogous ideology is applicable for friends. Some new couples avoid their friends after their relationship commences. This can also lead to a long-term loss. Friendships are vital to have an outlet for your emotions. In absence of friends, the risk of losing your individuality is high, which can end up a new relationship. When an individual shares own emotions with friends, this individual is not dependent on the partner for management of emotions, and this avoids codependency. It is observed that a male partner might dislike his girlfriend’s friends or a female partner might dislike her boyfriend’s friends. Both must, however, keep in mind that ceasing these friendships is not a solution. Friendships are mandatory for long-term continuation of a new relationship.

Sex and pertinent advice for new couples

Sexual intercourse is a way to be close and intimate. Do not feel embarrassed to explore your partner’s physique and deduce your partner’s physical inclinations. Absence of intercourse over a long time span leads to long-term problems. It is a gross error that weakens a successful new relationship.

telling him or her how much they mean to you and hugs

Along with sex is a simultaneous, natural wish to have a child. At some juncture, all couples decide to have a child. A word of caution here is that this wish should not become an obsession. None should go ahead to have a child without proper preparation about all aspects of bringing up the child. The new couple must do a realistic contemplation regarding finance, physical readiness, arrangements to look after the child, and other plans for being baby-ready. Now, do not force yourself and your partner to reproduce. Both should understand that when the time is right, they will have their bundle of joy.


Another distantly-related advice is that you should not hide your body from your partner because it can decrease intimacy. This can happen if you realize that you have a protruding belly. And this is in turn the result of stopping fitness activities after you embark on a new relationship. An abandonment of fitness activities can cause a drop in your level of enticing your partner on the basis of physique and also in your self-respect. While it is completely understandable that when you reserve some time for your new relationship, you are bound to have less time for your fitness, it is completely mandatory to pursue fitness to a lesser degree at least and not completely let it go.

How to handle disagreements?

It is not possible to have a relationship with nil disagreements. The problem lies in management of disagreements. The first step is a disagreement should not transform to a name-calling spat and must never become physical. Another advice is not to pull in references from previous relationships. If a quibble amplifies to a heated argument, the best solution is to find ways to cool off and revisit the topic at a later time. You can also try individual relationship counseling. The bottom line is that if a relationship develops a pattern of crazy infighting, you are heading for a miserable time ahead, which might lead to a break-up.


The almighty money

When a couple has a new relationship, the earlier the couple understands that finance is equally significant as other criteria, the more are the chances that the relationship will survive. To ensure a long-term relationship, both should be candid about the financial scenarios. They must speak about their incomes, spending patterns, and debts. Typically, couples argue about their debts, and when this exceeds the limit, anger and negativity creep in. The advice is to be honest with each other about fiscal issues.

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