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Is He into Me?

The Relationship Question

I can’t tell if my coworker is interested or just sarcastic. He jokes around mostly but says things like how happy he is to see me, how I need to quit checking him out, how he’s worried I “might go falling in love with him.” He also asks about my relationship a lot and talks bad about my boyfriend (who I am not happy with). He calls me hot stuff and jokes about how seductively I clean. We are literally always laughing but I can’t tell if he’s really into me. Any advice? I think I really like him.

The Relationship Advice

Thank you for sharing your situation. A positive way to figure out what’s going on in a relationship is to keep getting to know the person as a friend. Continue hanging out with him, ask him questions, tell him about yourself and listen to what he says.

The more you know about him the easier it will be to tell what’s going on. You might also consider asking him directly if you feel comfortable enough. Keep in mind that it’s beneficial to make sure you’re available, and not in another relationship, before thinking of the next one.

Remember that you deserve to be with someone you know really well and who likes the real you.

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