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The Relationship Question

My boyfriend and I have nothing in common, except for the fact that we love each other and can’t ignore the chemistry between us. We still get along I mean, it just causes blips every now and then. When we’re in person it’s fine and there isn’t any awkwardness between the two of us, and both of us are extremely comfortable with each other. But since it’s a long distance relationship it relies on cyber forms of communication, I want to know how to make texting each other less awkward. Any advice?

The Relationship Advice

Thank you for sharing your situation. It’s hard to keep a long distance relationship going because you’re not there in person with each other. One positive way to keep things going is to try to talk on the phone or by video chat if possible because it gives you more of a personal connection with the other person and helps you keep the relationship going.

The idea with any form of communication is to make sure you share your lives with each other and keep learning about each other. That way you can stay emotionally connected with each other. Keeping a relationship going by texting or instant messaging can be challenging because you’re having to try to guess what the other person is thinking based on shorter messages. You might try to use texting as a way to send short. “I love you,” types of messages and reserve your deeper conversations for the phone or video chat.

Remember that you deserve to be in a relationship with someone who is open to communicating meaningfully.

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