Long Distance Relationship

Playing Hard to Get in a Long Distance Relationship

The Relationship Question

How does having a long distance love interest and playing hard to get work together?

The Relationship Advice

Thank you for your question. Playing hard to get can mean that:

  • The person who is doing it is cautious.
  • The person doing it wants to move at his or her own pace.
  • The person doing it likes to play with people’s feelings; perhaps to feel powerful or in control.
  • The person doing it doesn’t really know what he or she wants.

It’s fairly easy to play hard to get long distance because the people aren’t physically in contact. It’s up to the people involved to decide if this works for them. You get to decide what works for you and what you need in a relationship. You’ll know its working if it leads in a positive direction for both people.

Remember that you deserve to be in a relationship where there is openness and clarity rather than mystery or guessing.

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