Relationship, Relationship Advice For Couples

21 Simple Relationship Advice And Tips For Couples

1. Friendships are built on joint activities and common interests. In addition to being lovers, couples need to learn to be friends


2. Emotional intimacy and closeness are built upon both partners being consistent, emotionally available and responsive to one another


3. Direct, clear communication should always be a top priority  


 4. Deliberately creating positive experiences and interactions between the two of you should be an  ongoing priority


5. They don’t play games with each other’s heads and hearts


6. They practice the golden rule in their relationship


7. They cheer for each other


8. They review and discuss their goals and dreams often


9. They negotiate and compromise on joint matters


10. They apologize to each other immediately


11. They practice patience and forgiveness daily


12. They respect each other’s humanness


14.You’re not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.


15. Marry the one who gives you the same feeling you get when you see food coming at a restaurant.


16.  When you and your SO are arguing, remember—it’s you and them VS the problem. Not you VS them.


17.It takes two happy individuals to make a happy relationship.


18. Just because you love each other does not mean that you’re good together long-term.


19.No relationship is perfect and there will be conflict. What matters is the desire to solve the problem.


20. Don’t look for a girl you want to treat like a princess, look for a girl you want to treat like a partner.

21. There are a number of people you can be compatible with. No one is perfect. You have to work at love


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